Monday, June 27, 2011


Greetings all,

It has been a while since I have updated my blog. I have my hands in many projects I am working on. I have been going to school as many of you may know, and selling my photos on
I will also be adding drawing and paintings for that site as well.

I will be in world for next few days finishing up the projects put to the side as they are really good. My life has become at times very busy looking for alternative ways to make money. See you all shortly. Regards to you, Joan Panetta aka Kia Greyskin

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Is Coming To Worldly Treasures

Greetings all,

Many of you probably asked "Where's Kia Been", well truth of the matter is, I have been sick, and studying Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division as well as keeping up with my kids. That is a lot believe me! I have new lines of jeweled silks and jewelry set's coming out. The collars I have in my sets are now being sold at Amari Gable's Collar Gallery scripted. The ones in my shop are NON-scripted. If you have a problem with the scripted one's, please send a detailed note card to Amari Gable. I have no knowledge of scripts, that is entirely Amari's part of it.

In the next 6 month's or so I will be creating children's illustrations in real life and SL available upon request as I will be hand drawing them, so personalizing them will take time. I will also be setting up a website for that under a name I will not disclose until I obtain a copyright on the name/label. I will be designing real jewelry as well as custom painting baby shoes. So A lot is going to be happening with me. I welcome all ideas, custom work and One-of-a-kind pieces. Prices vary so ask. I request 1/2 deposite down on all SL jewelry before the start of each job. Thank you for sticking with and by me in my work. I value all of you as loyal customers. Hugs, Kia Greyskin - Worldly Treasures

Friday, June 25, 2010

More New Fine Jewelry Coming!

Through difficult times as I seem to have of late, my creative mind is still going full speed ahead. Nothing can relieve my sadness of the loss of my beautiful Catahoula Satchmo. My most loyal and treasured friend and companion was taken from me when I was at my lowest point in my life. Together we grieve for each other.

Out of the ruins and ashes, a woman named Gladys reached out to me in seeing my blog about my missing dog, and as well I have a new blue eyed boy named Bo.
Bo is settling in nicely and is a warm and friendly guy who is a work of art as only Catahoulas can be. I am very grateful for this woman in trusting her Bo into my care.

I still will NOT give up on my Satchmo and will continue on in my intense search for my best friend and most loyal companion.
Now what am I coming out with? I am designing very erotic jewelry collections that will make your men stand up and take notice of your outer beauty as well as inner beauty.

There is only one Kia Greyskin and I have missing all of my dearest friends in world. So with that said HUGS to you ALL!!!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Beloved Catahoula is Missing!!!!


Some of my closest friends in SL know of my reason for being absent in Second Life. The truth of the matter is I was homeless in between refusal to pay rent on a house that was not healthy and resulted on my becoming homeless. I had to board my beloved Catahoulas "Satchmo" and "Sassagoula" up at the ranch where they were born.

Needless to say my male "Satchmo" turned up missing and after trying unsuccessfully to get in touch with the rancher, I took it upon myself to go there and hike up a steep hill to rescue my female. Sassagoula is now back at home and safe but alas I am deeply depressed over the loss of my male. Both dogs were being boarded on Fink Road in Crows Landing. I was told my male "ran off" - hard for me to believe at this point as rancher changed his cell number and will not answer house number :(

Please understand my Satchmo was intact and licensed to be so. I cannot believe he would run off as he was was skittish to unknown territory. I feel in my heart he sold off as a stud to another breeder. I am posting pictures of him in the hopes someone may have information on him or his whereabouts. He is micro chipped with an avid chip and Patterson Veterinary hospital has all of his info as he is a patient there. His CHIP NUMBER IS: 015011072 and registered to Joan Panetta alias Kia Greyskin of Second Life. I reside in Newman CA and will not give up until he is found safe and back with me. I cannot afford a reward but am hoping someone will be kind enough to bring him back home to me. He has a small rip in his left ear, and one white front paw and intense glass blue eyes. This dog means the world to me and my children. Please keep a sharp eye out and should you see one that looks like my Satchmo please call to have him scanned. Thank you

Whats New in Worldly Treasures

For the past 2 months, I have been creating a beautiful line of Indian Wedding jewelry that has become a top seller and most complimented on. The first one is called "Adored" and is beautifully done in rubies and accentuated with pearls set in gold.
The second in the series is named "Beautiful" which is done with dark blue sapphires, blue diamonds and exquisite pearls. Beautiful comes in silver as well as gold.

"Exquisite" is the third in this exciting new line which is also most suitable for the Kajira who wants the very best. Exquisite is made up of beautiful turquois apatite and dark rich amethysts accentuated with luxurious pearl tear drops.
Treasured is coming out next which will be gorgeous cushion set emeralds accentuated with pearls. So stay tuned for more of my fine quality jewelry at the best prices in all of Secondlife.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First allow me to start by saying as an E__Y merchant and soon to be a former one, not only am I appalled by their new policies, I am appalled by their treatment of sellers.
You are probably going to ask why, and I will explain it to you.
I have been a merchant since November of 2006, I have held a PP account since 2002.
On March 18th 2010 this buyer XXXX won an auction actually 3. The problem is with item#320500684686, she was "Unhappy" with item here is her message: Hello I got the jewlery today they are lovely HOWEVER I am sorry to say the jade neckace is NOT gold it is 12k gold filled as well as the pendant which states on the clasp. someone added the little 14k gold end. the necklace would never have brang $90 except it was stated as gold as gold filled it is only costume jewlery.What would u like me to do with it now?
My response:
Greetings, I can refund you the purchase price of the piece minus the shipping if you would like to send it back. For some reason, I did a correction on my new mailing address but it keeps labeling with the previous one. Did you have it tested? we are just curious as well as puzzled.
Her response:
yes got it acid tested today it is gold filled I dont see why I have to pay the shipping back or any shipping since this was your mistake u claimed its solid 14kt gold and it is 12k g.f and marked as such on the clasp its self. i can attempt to take a picture. if u want to refund me $50 I will keep it as a nice costume piece. and this is MORE then what u will get for a piece of glass and gold filled on e--y.
Mind you we are talking about a 14kt gold antique carved necklace. As you can see from pictures it is not "Glass" or "Costume" jewelry.
Her response to my offer of sending the item back for the full refund E---S POLICY:
I have proof that it is NOT a solid gold chain but a 12k g.f chain from
a jewlier. so although I wanted the pendant I bought it for set to wear
and enjoy and you scammed me to get more money for the item. so if you
harass me one more time I will leave you 2 more negatives for the scams
you are pulling. this is also foward to e--y as I feel harashed
good day
Now what has happened is after I let her out of one of the auctions, it was after THAT, that she left the NEG FB. That IS feedback extortion and as well trying to extort money from me. If is G.F. as she claims, why refuse to send it back? Something very wrong here and e--y and PP allowed her to to do this even with proof on my end.
e--y and PP is now withholding all my funds and actually preventing me from shipping due to with holding my funds. Why? because they failed me in every way as a merchant. As in the United States of America, I hold the right to freedom of speech and feel the need to protect others from going through what I have gone through. Now they can be real assholes and let sellers do as they please, but even though they took MY right to leave buyer Neg FB they cannot take away my "FREEDOM of SPEECH" right to expose buyers that try to scam and to protect those scammer's.
Yesterday April 23rd, I spent 8 HOURS talking on the phone between e--y and PP to release shipping funds in order to ship an item with shopping funds paid by BUYER. They refused and as I am now disabled and lived on a very small FIXED income was unable to complete the transaction. E--y is farming out jobs to the Philippines. How do I know this? I asked where they are from. Not only where they laughing at me and I do mean all I spoke with, they were having a birthday party for an employee and kept hanging up on me. Hmmmm laughing at a customer who pays all their fees and gets treated like that? I don't think so. It is the sellers who pay high fees to list and E--Y to continue to fatten their paychecks, and pay small wages to those very employees with MY contributions as a seller to get laughed at and treated like dirt and pay them. This is why America is suffering financially. Huge institutions like that are taking those jobs out of country and leaving their own countrymen to suffer.
One more more note to the scammer : if your going to scam people at least use spell check to cover up your insufficient Grammar skills

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Celtic Hair Jewels & Set

After participating in a few hunts, I was finally able to release a stunning array of Celtic hair jewels to match my celtic goddess collections as well as the new Avalon Mist Collection. Avalon Mist is the sister set to Camelot Mist of Arthurian legends. Beautiful medevil jewelry for the kajira who favors the absolute best.
Beautiful soothing cornflower blue topaz set amid hammered shimmery silver delivers a look of polished medevil perfection. This fine collection also makes for a beautiful wedding day.
For those hunt lovers, the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt is in full swing! for that I offer the kajira Avalon Splendor. Avalon Splendor is identical to Avalon Mist only done up in emeralds and will only be given to hunters. After that it will not be available. It is only exclusive to the hunt! so get it while it is hot!
The past month I have also been designing exclusively for Ova Hauled and Taylor Made Shop! yes those naughty kitties dragged me in and put me to work! Now as you know Taylor Lubezki makes the best damn tails and ears in all of SL and it is my truest pleasure working for both Taylor and Ova Haul who incidently is Taylors partner in crime and makes the hottest outfits with those shortest of skirts ;)
They also create a fine line of accessories making them the finest in Neko gear.

Now for the last bit..... Many have noticed my absence on the forums which I shall NOT name which one as people have become quite pissy lol. A certain Miss Pamela Galli has taken to promoting her business through whatever means it takes in this which I mean hijacking threads others start out as intentionally good threads but become rather twisted and most distorted due this *cough* business person or so she thinks she is an honorable one I beg to differ hugely. She has also stated numerous times she deliberately picks arguments to get herself and business noticed. Not only is that a frowned upon method it is highly dishonest. It is also raping the traffic system to suit her. She is the person responsible for having me pushed out by derailing my thread, picking a fight, twisting my words and meanings about in jealousy. I say jealousy for that is what it truly comes down too. She is in fact shooting herself in the foot as well as her business. Truthfully she is just plain rude. She can have me banned from the forums but she cannot prevent me from speaking truths on my own blog. This is the one place I can set the record straight. Such a pity people have to tolerate such sour people :(